Natural Shampoo Hair Dye
Natural Shampoo Hair Dye
Natural Shampoo Hair Dye
Natural Shampoo Hair Dye

Natural Shampoo Hair Dye

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Healthy dyeing new upgrade

1.Easy to use,can be used when torn open;       2.Healthy hair dyeing, hair dyeing while also nourishing hair;       3.Black hair,no black scalp.

Plant formula is mild and non-irritating

1. lavender:Soothes hair, calms hair scales;        2.Ginseng:Improve hair toughness, reduce hair loss;    3.Polygonum:Curing hair, black hair,nourish and supple



1.Put on the gloves before use, pour the hair dye into the palm of your hand and mix well;

2.Apply evenly on the hair and gently massage for 3-5 minutes;

3.Wait 15-30 minutes;

4.Rinse with water.


Hair dye dosage reference

short hair : 1 bag         Medium long hair : 1 bag plus half bag      Long hair : 2-3 bags



Product Name: Lavender Hair Dye

Efficacy: dyed hair

Features: plant extract, healthy and safe, convenient.

Special Note:

1.Since the scales of the nails and the hair are acquainted, it is necessary to wear gloves to use this product to avoid discoloration of the nails.

2.Do not use shampoo containing silicone oil before and after use, so as not to affect the coloring effect, no need to use shampoo when washing.

3.Waiting time is based on different local environments. The coloring effect is subject to visual inspection. After coloring, it can be rinsed with water. After washing, dry it with a towel.

4.Please do a skin allergy test before dyeing hair. Apply a small amount of cream to the ear. After washing, you can use it that do not have any symptoms after 24 hours;

5.Pregnant women, scalp allergy, scalp damage, inflammation, etc. are not recommended for use. Children are prohibited from using it.