Fat Reducer Localized
Fat Reducer Localized
Fat Reducer Localized
Fat Reducer Localized

Fat Reducer Localized

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  • The Localized Fat Reducing Adhesive is a great alternative for anyone who wants to reduce the measures without too much effort.
  • This product is imported and is very successful in Japan and the USA, it is composed of natural products and improves the digestion process favoring the absorption of nutrients, using fat as a source of energy and reducing fluid retention. Your body tends to feel satiated, which in turn, you will ingest fewer calories and will have reduced measures.
  • For this process to work with maximum effectiveness, you should drink plenty of water during the day, you should also ally the use of it to a healthy diet and practice of physical exercises daily. It should not hold urine and during use should decrease and even avoid the consumption of sweet, soda, alcoholic drinks and industrialized foods.
  • We recommend nighttime use and you should not expose yourself to the sun to avoid burns.
  • To remove it, use a damp cloth and warm water. In this way, you protect your skin and avoid friction / injury when taking it off.
  • How to use: You should stick a sticker a day around the navel and use it should be around 6 to 8 hours.
  • * After day 3: You will notice that you will go to the bathroom to urinate and your evacuation will be more oily, eliminating excesses of liquids and fats;
  • * After day 5: You will notice decreased appetite;
  • * Between the 7th and 10th day: The reduction of measures and weight will already be noticeable;
  • * Between 15th and 20th day: It will have a significant result even on the scale, ranging from 3 to 9 kg, varying according to the routine followed and the metabolism of each person.
  • Each envelope contains 5 stickers, which after open should be used within 30 days and kept tightly closed in the packaging, dry and cool place;
  • It is not indicated for pregnant women, infants, children and people with serious